Best 3d monitor 2012


May 31, 2012
i need want to buy 27" monitor which has 3d
can you tell me best 3d ,and also it should play best 2d and 3d movies also ssure gaming ,please help me ,confused me
Personally, I expect passive 3d to be better (even when it's row-interleaved), but others seem to disagree. I will direct you to this article which will allow you to learn the differences between passive and active 3d:

Unfortunately, passive 3d is not available at 27 inch size from what I can find - you have to go down to a 23 inch monitor or up to a 32 inch HDTV.

Using the list at I see the following 3d monitors with 27 inch size:
Samsung T27A950
Samsung S27A950D
Samsung S27A750D
Asus PG276H

I have my doubts about the 3d functionality of the T27A950 given that it has neither a dual-link DVI input nor a DisplayPort input, but the others look okay in terms of specifications. If you want help choosing among those, perhaps you could fill in a copy of the template so you can mention other requirements:

Also note that only a limited number of movies are really in 3d. I've read that movies converted from 2d to 3d, whether converted ahead of time or by the monitor, usually don't look that good. I'd expect movies filmed with binocular cameras or computer generated with virtual binocular cameras to look good.

Most Direct3D computer games within the last 5 years or so will support stereoscopic 3d, though last I heard, the nVidia and AMD drivers were somewhat limited in terms of which stereoscopic formats are supported, but the iZ3d driver supports more: