Aug 20, 2011
First, a thanks to all of you who so promptly and fully answered my previous question.

My next question is, with the system specs I have (summarized: i7, 6GB of Ram, and, most importantly, Radeon 5870), What is the best way to do 3D Gaming without buying a nvidia card. I know radeon has alot of different 3rd party solutions and this is why i'm asking. Basically, what monitor or tv would be best to get me setup for 3D gaming.

Note: I would much rather buy a 3D TV then buy a new monitor, this way I could hook up my pc. If I get a new monitor, it has to be at least 27 inches, which is why i'd rather just get a huge tv. Would this TV work? ( ) I heard it wouldnt because it doesnt support hdmi 1.4a?

Supposing I did get a nvidia card, and the 3d package, would that widen my selection of monitors/ tv's??

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
Currently gaming on AMD in 3D is quite limited, but I just saw some good news.

The latest preview drivers support displayport, which still limits you from that particular TV, but displayport support will now allow AMD to do 3D gaming above 720p. Yes, AMD gaming requires HDMI 1.4a.

I'm curious if there would be any ability to convert a dual link DVI connection to Displayport and have it work.

The monitor in my signature works for both brands of cards, but I really think you are setting yourself up for disappointment trying to make your AMD card work.

For Nvidia, you need a monitor with a dual link DVI connection, which the monitor in my sig has.
I've been searching into the DVI->Displayport converter in order to possibly use 3D on displayport, allowing you to get to 1080p60hz (per eye). It seems it is possible, but you must make sure that it supports dual link dvi conversion, or it will not work.

Also, be aware that HD3D does not support crossfire yet.
Well, some of those TV's won't support 3D gaming, and there are monitors that will work not on that list. For 3D gaming, the key is HDMI 1.4a, but it also seems that with DisplayPort being supported, you will have more options.

It sounds as if a dual link DVI port on the monitor will be able to hook up to a Displayport converter and also work and even deliver 120hz at 1080p.