Best 9800XT Review I've seen..


Mar 4, 2003
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I like it because it sorts out the questionable results and doesn't get hung up examining screenshots at 400% zoom. It also uses "Less obvious" tests such as BF1942, Mafia, and WC3 to check the performance. I dunno if it was posted earlier and if it was...sorry...but I enjoyed this review the most out of all that I have read thus far and wanted to share. :tongue: Enjoy!

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Not the least ATi shows that everyone were wrong when saying that a 0.15 micron manufacturing process would not make it over 300 MHz.
HAH! That's NOT what I said. I said they'd be lucky to get it to 400MHz, and that they'd need higher clock speeds to keep ahead of nVidia in all applications. I was SERIOUSLY PISSED when the 9800 came out on .15 micron, because .13 micron was actually part of the original R300 plan! Delayed! And then when they "updated" the chip...DELAYED AGAIN!

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