Best advanced in game settings for BC2


Apr 27, 2011
ok need to know what would be the best in game settings for my rig in BC2 that is in game settings dont want to go into documents/setting for the game im running AMD x64 6000+ duelcore cpu GTX 460 pny oc 4gigs ram duelchannel ddr2 800mhz windows 7 32bit curently running on high would like to use advanced setting for best perfoamance and quality display is 1366x720 something like that i know the 1366 is right this is my native resolution just dont know how to set the settings what should be off , high medium low please help
best thing you can do is max the settings as your on a dualcore. your gonna struggle to stay above 30fps minimum. you will only ever use 50% of the gpu power until you get a quad.
the dual core cpu is a real bottleneck in this game so the higher you can get the settings the better. (dont use more than x2 fsaa though) and dont use hsao. as this will impact your minimum fos more than anything els in the gfx settings.
this is like buying a cat in the bag, you don't know what you going to get based on what people tell you until you see it for yourself.

The best way is to start the game up and experiment with the settings until you get it to a point where it looks good to you and still has good enough performance that you like.

Personally me, I don't care about resolution, as long as my game doesn't lag when i'm turning with mouse. I've played games in 800x600 just to achieve that. If you want to keep your native resolution, set the resolution, then select higest graphics, load the game and check the performance. If it's lagging, go into settings and decreased some parameters (you can go 1 by 1). And basically keep cutting away graphics until the game is performing to your liking, then you're all good.
for you it may well be a cat in the bag. but some of us actually know from experience. some of use have played with there m8's with teamspeak so get to know what systems they have and how games play on them...

i know that the 460 will max out bfbc2 on a decent quad system and give 70+fps but it will struggle to get 30+ on a dual core with the same gfx. the reason is that it will over power the dual cpu and create a bottleneck. the only way to alleviate it is to turn up the gfx. so telling him to lower settings in this case wont actually help at all. because the lower the settings the more the game is pushed onto an already straining cpu...

quite simply because the game was badly ported and needs a minimum of 3 cores ...
i know they have a minimum recommendation of a dual core , but minimum is only there to give low end users a taster in the hope they upgrade to run the game propperly.

Overclocked Toaster

May 5, 2011
raising the in-game settings will never increase your fps, thats simply absurd. your cpu will bottleneck you at any resolution in this case. what may happen is that your fps will be constant regardless of resolution and settings, but it will certainly not increase at higher settings.