Best agp video card 2009

warrick 13

Oct 27, 2009
i want to put a 4670 agp into my computer, currenty have a 3650 requires a 400 watt power supply i have a 370 watt , one shop said its ok to give it a try as long as you have a 12 volt rail. The other shop said i should upgrade my supply to be safe. So is it safe to run it on my supply or not please help.
You should be okay installing the HD 4670. However, it seems that your system is a bit old and the general rule with PSU is that they tend to become less efficient and provide less power as they get older.

The HD 4670 is probably the best video card for AGP. nVidia partners have stopped making AGP a couple of years ago. Whether or not an ATI partner will create an AGP version of a value HD 5xxx card remains to be seen.


Oct 30, 2009
you must upgrade you psu.. low psu will get your new gpu dead.

I wonder if my cpu can handle that 4670 agp my current board is P4 3.4Ghz.