Best AMD Ryzen CPU For Asus gtx 1060 Strix oc 6gb

Sep 7, 2018
Hello ,
im currently planning on an upgrade my system :
MOBO : MSI 970 SLI krait edition
RAM 16 gb Gskill Ares 1866 ddr3
PSU thermaltake Smart 650w
Storage : Seagate 2tb 7200 rpm HDD
cooling : Cooler master hyper 212x turbo dual fan (temps are very good never passes 55 c when under load )

currently having 40-55 FPS in almost all the games with dropframes but very playable experiencie but i want upgrade to the next setup

CPU : AMD Ryzen 2700x
Mobo: Asus Strix 470 f
RAM 16 gb Team vulkan 3000 mhz
Storage Samsung 970 evo ssd 250 gb
PSU : cooler master V650 full Modular
Storage and GPU : not planning on upgrading due to cost ,

the questions is if the 2700x would bottleneck the 1060 i just want to get 60 fps on games with no frame drops , industrial design ( using autocad and solid works ) , video editing and streaming , not planning on overclocking ,

can you please help me to get the better CPU option , keeping the x470 board of course

plz help !
Well the 2700 is the top dog in amd CPUs at the moment. Especially when overclocked it will handle any card paired with it. I am not sure how much the apps you're using benefit from extra cores but if it was purely for gaming maybe consider a 2600 instead.