Question Best Amp for Beyerdynamic DT 990PRO 250 Ohm


Sep 3, 2018
Hi there,

Some time ago I bought the DT 990PRO and I saw that you needed to buy and amplifier with it. I did not do that at the time and used the headphone without an amplifier on my pc. On internet it said this was really a waste of your money because it has a lot more potential when using an amp. Now, because of that I am looking for an amp for my DT 990PRO. I use my headphone for listening to music and gaming. I have 2 questions for you:
  1. What amp would you recommend for me to buy for the DT 990PRO (not too expensive, if possible)?
  2. Will using an amp be bad for gaming experience (surround sound during Fortnite for instance)?

Deleted member 217926

Do they get loud enough with your PC? If so then you're using them to their potential. Would a good headphone amp perhaps change the sound? Maybe a little. But only a little. There certainly are headphones that respond very well to better and better equipment but the DT990 probably isn't among them. If you just want to try something cheap and add some good surround for gaming then the lower end Asus sound cards are excellent for the price.