Question Best Antivirus For Windows 10 64Bit

I don't use Malwarebytes as I think it tries now to replace your av. But personally, I too just use the Windows defender built in antivirus on all our computers at home. Seems decent. Used Avast for years. But I prefer defender as it's less intrusive now.
When my one year free trial for SecureAPlus lapsed, I felt like I still wanted it, but, just stuck with Defender, and, as I don't surf dodgy sites or search for assorted software cracks, game cheats/'god mode' patches , or porn, I am still malware free....

I did like SecureAge's SecureAPlus a lot for the year that it was installed; despite it sounding somewhat like a scam piece of junkware, it worked well from what I could see, asks for you to whitelist/allow things fairly frequently however. But, I'd much rather have things be blocked first and have to approve it than let it slip thru...

There is a Windows Defender browser add-on for Chrome as well...; not sure if it gets a chance to block anything or not, as UBlock Origin seems to smash almost everything 'pop-uppy/ad-like) anyway....including all Youtube adds!

Now, after a year of Defender only, no regrets...

If that bites me later, I can restore a ~250 GB Clonezilla image in 20 minutes, or, install a fresh WIn10 Pro in 4 minutes anyway....(I keep all my apps that I bother to install/download on a separate storage drive, so I would not even need to redownload anything if it ever came time to 'nuke and pave')

Do try the one year Glasswire firewall as well....excellent add-on to WIndows firewall, but with awesome GUI that shows all connections/countries of origin, ports, apps, etc...


Mar 15, 2013
I use Bitdefender Total Security (paid version) and I have no problems with it. I also use Malwarebytes and Emisisoft as secondary scanners.