Question Best Antivirus ?

Aug 12, 2020
So I have a nice fresh install of Win-7 Pro with Mixcraft and all my other programs running like new I've been using AVG Free malware scanner on all my computers for years with no problem but lately been getting pop-ups from them trying to sell their other products. Also, their program seems to slow things down when I turn it back on after a long recording session. That has just started recently.

Thinking about trying something else and was wondering what some of you guys use.
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PC Tailor

It's a debatable question, but I know myself and many others on the forum tend to swear by:
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • ESET
I have been with Bitdefender for years and i know quite a few others on here who have too.

You'll find some good testing of different AV here:

Obviously I use the paid versions. Although Bitdefender free is still excellent and if you were on Windows 10, Windows Defender would also be great.
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Windows defender is free, effective and unobtrusive.
Not long ago, it was tops in detecting known viruses.
If you practice safe surfing and are not likely to open questionable links, you should be fine.
There are some much more apps that try to detect "in the wild" or first occurence viruses.
They are usually the paid apps and take much more resources to d the job.

Regardless of your antivirus app, do not count on it to protect you.
Use some sort of EXTERNAL backup to protect what you value.