Best Available Unlockable 6950


Dec 4, 2010
What is the best 6950 available on or that is unlockable? It must be available on Canadian sites. Thanks for your help.

Well, the reference design HD 6950s dried up some time ago. The BIOS flashing is never 100% guaranteed anyway, but now cards that can do it are more rare than ever. About the best advice I can offer you is this; If you can find a card that users have been able to unlock and if it has a dual BIOS, that's the best one to get. I'd still say the odds are not in your favor, but if you can't unlock the 6950 is a sweet card anyway. So I would choose the one that appeals to you most, as far as cooling, sound profile, looks, etc.


Sep 12, 2011
Don't heavily invest in trying to find unlockable cards. they are hard to come across. I think your BEST bet is this:

SAPPHIRE FleX Radeon HD 6950 (100312FLEX)

many reviews on newegg and other places claim successful unlocks as late as last week. BUT it is not guaranteed in anyway shape or form.

If you get a good HD 6950, like the one linked above, you can overclock it to match and outperform a stock 6970. Which is your goal anyway.