Best bang for my buck? CPU/Motherboard


Feb 7, 2014
Hi there, I recently have upgraded my video card In my self built pc and I'm now looking for a new cpu and motherboard that would give me a bang for my buck but that can also perform to what I'm looking for, 0 bottlenecking for a future sli 780ti setup

PC specs:
Evga 780ti
i5-3570k over clocked to 4.2GHz
4 sticks of 4 gigs of ram at 1600mHz

Now for my cpu and motherboard I'm working with a budget of $1000, I will be running sli 780ti's in the future so I need a motherboard with that function. I also have a 3rd party cpu cooler so a cpu that doesn't have that many troubles being overclocked would be great.

I've been leaning towards an i7-4930k
And an Asus X79 deluxe but I'm not sure if it's the right move :/

Any suggestions or feedback on this buy would be greatly appreciated! :)


Feb 17, 2014
Personally with the budget of $1000 I would go with something like the Intel 4930k and the Asus Rampage IV black edition. It really doesn't get much better than this combo for $1000. If you would like to save about $400 than go with an Intel 4770k and msi mpower max motherboard. Will give almost identical gaming performance while saving a lot of money over the first option.

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