Best bang for the buck (X-fire or single GPU)


Apr 29, 2009
What would be the best way to go with a $150-$200 budget with an Ati GPU? I have always used Nvidia GPU's. My client wants The full AMD Dragon platform. I was considering 2 4770's or 2 4830/4850's (if really make that much of a diff). For my budget would I be better off running X-fire or getting like a single 4870? He has an I-INC 25" LCD btw.

For a new build, I'd *always* use the best single card within budget, paired with a mobo that can SLI/Crossfire.

You didn't mention the intended screen resolution, but single cards in your budget range can handle all games up to 1920 res. SLI/Crossifre doesn't always scale, and in certain MMOs it will even reduce frame rates. The power and heat required for SLI/Crossfire should be reserved for ultra-high resolutions, or upgrades.