Question Best bargain, simultaneous dual input ultra wide HD monitor?


Dec 13, 2009
So with football season coming up, but needing to work at my pc, I have been looking at those ultra wide HD and/or 4k monitors that allow dual inputs at the same time, so that I could, if I wanted to , have a OTA TV tuner (or DVR, cable box etc ) with HDMI output plugged into 1 input of the monitor and assign it to one half of the screen and half the other half be my pc screen....I'm never quite sure even when looking at monitor stats on Amazon,etc if they are specifically able to do this. The task is also to get true high definition with the input screen split feature at a bargain price....I'm thinking I would like to be at least 38" wide or wider, possibly curved although that's not a necessity....I'm not wanting to approach the 1k price tag of some I've seen so it may be asking too much at this point in time....And one last feature, I have my current 27" LG monitor mounted on really great monitor just makes it so great to 'float' the monitor a few inches of the desk and have that are unobstructed below it for other stuff that I might situate , the monitor would have to have a VESA mount....any one using a modern day monitor that they got on the cheap like this?