[SOLVED] Best Budget power supply for my rig?

Oct 10, 2020
I'm running a Geforce GT 640 in my pc right now. But my friend was nice enough to give me his old MSI N760 2GD5/OC but my power supply is not good enough to run it. Is there a way to run it without buying a new power supply? And if not what's the best one at a reasonable price for my rig?

Ram: 12 gb ddr3
Processor: Core I3-3220
Motherboard: Just a standard Optiplex 3010 motherboard
OS: Windows 10


Apr 23, 2016
Tbh I've always bought a PSU from a reputable brand and had zero issues.

My first ever psu was a £9.99 700w generic from eBay that blew ever since then I've stuck to reputable brands even though the tier is listed low and never had any issues.im currently on aerocool 700w RGB integrator and zero issues


This could readily turn into you buying a PSU that is worth more than your entire system. It's also a really bad time to be buying them because of the shortages and pricing.

I would consider this a gamble play. You think of what you consider your current rig to be worth. You consider the CHEAPEST you could replace it. Without considering fine details I would 'think' that a 4th or 5th gen Optiplex refurb would easily do it...pricing on those (used to be) about $100 give or take an OS license.
With that said, it's going to be REALLY hard to recommend you buy some $60 plus dollar PSU to put in this. At the same time, where $40 used to be a worthwhile investment on a name brand edging on sketchy quality power supply are now closer to that $60 mark. I would have said look for the $25 EVGA 600W white...but that simply doesn't exist. IF you COULD find a PSU for sub $40 I would be very concerned about using it and "that gamble" that you will shortly need a new system.

TBH, for right this moment I would likely surf around for a good local deal on an older quality PSU unit or sit on this for a bit till PSU prices level out some. The only reason I would justify spending the type of money on a quality unit RIGHT THIS SECOND would be if I were building new or replacing in VERY recent.