Best bundle cpu, motherboard and ram for my gigabyte rx 570 4gb

Dec 5, 2018

Recently I upgrade my gpu from a msi r7 370 2gd5t oc to an gigabyte rx 570 4gb.
But my pc stil has a poor cpu, motherboard and ram.
What is the best way to upgrade my pc next?

My pc current specs:

Cooler master K-380 advanced 3.0
CPU: AMD zambezi FX-4300 quad core
Just normal cooling
Motherboard: MSI 970A-g43
Ram: Crucial ballistix tactical 2x4 gb ddr3-1866
GPU: gigabyte rx 570 4gb
SSD: Crucial MX500 2,5" 250gb
HDD: 1tb
600 watt cooler master
windows 10 - 64bit



Can you mention the model for that CoolerMaster 600W PSU? You're going to also state what your budget for your upgrade is. Also include your current location and a preferred site for purchase.

I'd also look at a new case. Essentially, a case, PSU, motherboard, CPU and ram are the parts you'd need to invest in.
Dec 5, 2018

Hello again. Im sorry for reacting so incredible slow. I cant seem to find out what my PSU model is, I just know its 600W
I was thinking of getting the ryzen 5 2600 cpu, because I like to overclock it. For the ram I was thinking of getting the

And for the mobo I was thinking of getting a b450 model, I just dont know yet which one. Could you help me with choosing? I like overclocking and something that fits in my medium budget.

My cpu budget would be preferable under 200, The ryzen 5 2600 is something I like allot since its only 160 euros in my country. for the ram I really just want the cheapest 16gb bundle with over 3000mhz I could possible get. and for the mobo Im having trouble with. Since I dont know what to get.

Apreciate the answers. and again sorry for responding so late.

And is it really neccesary for me to upgrade my case and my psu? for getting this I mean

Ow and it might be smart mentioning what games Id like to play with it:
Ark survival evolved, csgo, league of legends, fortnite. those are games I enjoy playing. Especially ark but its a really demanding game.