Best Buy of Graphics Cards


Aug 22, 2011
Hello Everyone,
I am a Starcraft fan and I am playing Starcraft 2 for 1 years.

I want some help and guidance for graphics cards, since I feel a bit ripped of.

I have the following configuration:

Intel Core i7 950
24 GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator 1600 MHz RAM
ASUS P6T mobo
Intel 60 GB SSD
Zotac NVidia GTX295

The framerate is 60 fps on max. settings but for some reasons, sometimes the fps drops.

I am unhappy because my PC is highend and I want to change the graphics card.

What I need as info is :
- What could be the bottleneck? Dual GPU communication / Bus limitation / slow GDDR3 / Vertical Synch ???

- What is the best buy right now? Taking ATI 5970 / HD 6970 or wait for price drop on HD 6990 / GTX 580 / GTX 590 ?

I am playing the latest FPS games also.

Best Regards


Apr 12, 2011
In all honestly that card should be outperforming your needs, the fact that it isn't is an issue.

The card could not be performing as intended and is damaged, unlikely, or SC2 just does not manage to utilize it as it should.

When you notice frame rate drops in SC2, does it usually happen during full resourced battles or randomly?

Have you tried other games with it that would put a heavy tax on its ability to see if it is working as intended?

Sounds like system resource management is effecting the performance during gaming. Could there be something running in the background slowing down the system.

It could be a vertical Sync issue, the only thing better then this card is the 580/590 and the 6990 (based of the hierarchy chart), all of which should not necessarily run SCII any better.

Playing SCII with that card is like going to the corner market in a Lambo,



Aug 22, 2011
Hi Jprobes,

Thanks for the information. I am running Windows 7 x64 with McAfee Antivirus.

I noticed that the vertical synch is ON both on NVidia Control Panel and Starcraft 2 settings.
I switched it off but there is little difference.

I should correct the problem statement - I am not sure that is a framerate issue. On specific levels (Zeratul Missions)
where there are many details on the screen - not necessarily during huge battles - there is a slowdown on the gameplay.
The responsiveness is drastically decreased for 1-2 seconds.

I gave up and decreased the settings, especially CPU related ones, to medium and low. It is now very responsive but a Zeratul
mission is still shows problems.

Other games do not show problems. However, during playing Borderlands, sometimes the game enters deadlock. I read reports
of NVidia driver faults specific for that game.