News Best Buy Selling More Consoles Tomorrow, Curbside Pickup Only


Dec 31, 2007
It won’t stop the scalpers no, but it certainly will slow them down and add additional time and effort. MicroCenter has done in store only first come first serve on 3000 series cards and they still show up on eBay etc. I saw one with a pic that couldn’t have been any later than back to the car and posted for 50% markup.

Usually Best Buy will check the physical card and a drivers license so it should also help prevent the multiple purchases. I’m guessing day one lots of bots will still gum up the works trying to acquire them.
Nov 20, 2020
I like it although I agree it won't stop it completely but at least those that really want a console 'might' have a chance? I almost wonder if you should not even be able to order it online, although making them camp out over night doesn't work 100% either. I remember being 4th in line to get a Wii for my kids having set up my chair like 10pm the night before. Everybody in front of me and even behind me was talking about how they were just there to get it and then were going to immediately try to flip it on ebay or craigslist and how they already knew the schedules of the other stores and who was going to what stores on so and so nights.

Maybe the stores should just play the game and mark them up 100% if you want to ship it or pick it up immediately or you can put it on layway for the normal price and you can pick it up a few days before christmas but then of course this would not be fair to other people that don't celebrate christmas or just really want it right then and there and are not going to flip it but then again, they're not even able to get one now, LOL.

Or maybe another idea, they sell it for 100% markup but bring the box back in 30 days later showing you opened it and still have it, and they give you a credit back to normal price. But why would stores go through that trouble, they make money regardless what the intentions of the purchaser are.