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Question Best cable managing solution


Apr 5, 2020
Hi,i have a 120x60 wooden board,which is held by four metal "legs" on each corner and it doesnt have anything on its sides,its just a wodden board on 4 legs,so i have no where to hide my cables (my pc is on the right side on the table).Does anybody know good tapes or anything for cable managamnet since i have 2x usbs (mouse and keyboard),hdmi cable,psu power cable,speaker cable,ethernet cable coming from my pc.My idea was to grab all those cables and "tape" them together and tape the under my desk.I have my my extension cable where everything is connected on the on the ground near the left wall so thats were the cables are going to end up.


my first thought was a piece of ABS or PVC pipe, cut a cable sized notch down the pipe, screw the pipe down or up to the "desktop" and you have a channel that can run your cables.

I do not suggest zip ties but hook and loop cable wraps are very good, allow easy removal of defective device without destroying zip ties. staple these where needed and you have a semi permanent cable holder right where you need it
example only so you know what I'm talking about.


I used this tubing for my systems, it's not fully enclosed so you can slide cables in but shaped enough that it stays nice and round around the cables, easy to cut to size you need. This surrounds the cables from the computer going to the desk area and where it's showing past the desk. Then you can get any number of cable hiders like in second picture to put where you need it under the desk, on the back of the desk, etc...