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alpha fox

Sep 8, 2010
So I've been looking at the benchmarks between the 68xx, 69xx, and the gtx570. While clearly the 570 and 69xx cards are the best by quite a few percentage points I am also wondering if these cards are overkill for my resolution. So I thought I would ask you guys, what do you think is the best video card for 1920x1080?
I used to flat out say: ATI 5850 or GTX 470.

You can pick up a Zotac GTX 470 @ for $209 after rebate right now, and score a free download of Mafia 2.

An ATI 5850 can be had for $169.99 right now too! Super cheap.

The GTX 470 will beat the 5850 without question. But for $170 a 5850 is cheap. You could Crossfire these for less than a GTX 570.

Next to those, the ATI 6870 is fairly comparable to the GTX 470. You can get a 6870 for $230 or so.

Or even faster, is the ATI 5870 for $249 after rebate.

I don't think a GTX 570 is overkill for 1080p honestly. As newer titles come out they'll be more demanding. Although the GTX 570 is more than today's games require for max settings, it'll still probably max things out 6 months from now as well. So it's a good buy for long term performance. But for $350 you have to consider the performance you can get from much less expensive cards and decide whether it's worth the difference to you.

Best to do what ? To watch movies a GT 430 will do fine.

To play games, here's a good summary of the overclcoked 69xx /570.....nod going to the 570. Twin 470's 6850's remain a very attractive option.

When we looked at the 6900 series on launch day we saw that generally the GTX 570 was faster than the 6970 with the 6850 a little further behind. When we overclock the cards and run them through a selection of games the Gigabyte GTX 570 still managed to come out on top for most of the tests however the 6970 did close the gap a little under these enhanced configurations.

By adding an overclocked 5870 to the test results we also got to see how the new models compared to the last generation. While the 6950 doesnt improve performance by much in most of the tests we can see that as game engines adopt advanced features such as tessellation it will become the fastest card over time.

In terms of overall experience from the cards the reference model findings still apply. The Radeons use less power, the GTX 570 runs quieter. NVIDIA offer better stereoscopic 3D gaming and PhysX with AMD matching them on Blu-Ray 3D playback. The GPU computing experience is also very similar between the two sets of cards and of course the Radeons allow us to game on three displays with a single card which isnt possible on NVIDIA.

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Nov 4, 2009
Ive been using an ATI 4890 since 2009, on a intel i7 975, and let me tell you its still doing pretty good, i mean i can still play most of the games maxed out... beside crysis 1 for sure.

I used to have 2 ati 4890 in crossfire at first, then i found it was just a waste of cash since there was no difference with 1 or 2 card on a single 1080p monitor.

You dont need monster vid cards yet. I am pretty sure my 4890 will be perfect for gaming till the releases of 'next gen...' console games, since most of the PC games now are console ports.



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