Question Best Card for Four 4K Monitors @ 60Hz (One good card or two lesser cards?)

Aug 30, 2022
I am looking to build a client PC that will have 4x 55-inch 4K HDR @ 60Hz monitors that I use for live video camera feeds with multiple cameras going into a single computer. I have all of the hardware picked out already except having a tough time with the choices of video card(s). I need the video to be smooth. I have planned an Intel i9-12900 with high-end Noctua NH-D12 air cooler, 64GB DDR4-3200, Gigabyte Aorus Master B660 motherboard, EVGA SuperNova 1300W power supply inside a 4U chasis with 32TB storage.

Should I go with 2x RTX 3060 OC cards or 1x RTX 3080 to handle this. There will be no video games played on this, just many live camera feeds shared amongst the 4x 55" 4K HDR @ 60Hz displays. I have a "video card" budget of roughly $850.
Or should I think about 1 or 2 workstation graphics cards like a nVidia T1000 or something like that?
Thanks for any help and insight!
If there is no gaming whatsoever, any modern GPU with the outputs needed, is fine. You can also use the integrated graphics from the 12900k since your motherboard has 2 outputs, so you only need one additional card.

Edit: I am too lazy to check for sure but you should be able to use any card of at least the last three generations.

Since your budget is 850, a 3060 is more than capable for sure.
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