Question Best cheap ryzen mobo for overclocking.

They're mostly all fairly entry level boards on the B450 chipset.
The Gaming Plus would probably be the slightly 'better' of the bunch, with the Pro-M2 being the absolute worst of the bunch presented.

Only the Pro-M2 wouldn't handle a top tier chip like a 2700X OC;d. The others should be capable.
Then, considering you're only talking about a 2600, I would fully expect any of the boards to capably handle an OC'd 2600 - with a preference for the Gaming Plus.

Unfortunately, the cheaper end of the X470 chipset lineups are typically glorified B450 anyway.

The cheapest X470 available in the UK is ~120quid for the X470 Gaming Plus.

It's a bit better than it's B450 counterpart, but not 'that' much better to justify the price increase IMO


Mar 1, 2019
Ok, so out of the bunch would you say the gaming plus is the best mobo for overclocking? Will it also support 3000Mhz Corsair RAM? I have heard that higher RAM speeds helps the Ryzen CPUs alot.
Yesh, I would. But you're not talking monumental improvements over any of the others.

The RAM support can be a crapshoot. Check the QVL for the board and see if the specific kit you have in mind appear.
Doesn't mean something on the list won't work at 3000MHz, but it's always a possibility. Most kits these days (rated for such) should achieve 2933MHz
You can overclock a 2600 just fine with a decent B450. Out of the ones you listed I'd probably get the Gaming Plus or Mortar.

Running your RAM at ~3000 MHz shouldn't be an issue, although if you want to maximize your chance of it running at full speed with no additional tinkering you can get something off the motherboard QVL list.