Question Best closed back, no mic headphones in 150-200$ range

Jan 20, 2019
I am having a lot of trouble with finding the best closed back, no mic, good sound quality with good bass headphones for 150-200$. Been all over the internet and my top pick is, currently, the m50x ( ) However, I am seeing A LOT of differing opinion regarding them. Some say the bass is weak/ so good they shake; or they're simply designed to be overall neutral and gamers would not like them, only professionals/ they are great for gaming; or they simply are overhyped and not worth the price/the best headphones for the price. Pretty much everything I have researched regarding them have contrary reviews.

Again, I am looking for closed back, no mic, great bass, good overall, quality headphones that will last. For reference I currently have the M30s and they are starting to cut off in one ear. I am primarily a gamer who enjoys heavy explosions, loud jet engines, thunderous cavalry charges, heavy machine gun fire, etc., but I do enjoy also overall quality of sound. Still I think I would prioritize bass. I have integrated onboard sound which is pretty decent, being a not very old MOBO, but have no dedicated sound card yet, though I may eventually get one.

Lastly, I have Amazon Prime and can try out and return the m50x, but dont want to go through the hassle if possible. Would anyone recommend them? I always use equilizer sliders for my sound, otherwise my integrated sounds like utter feces, so if I get a pair of headphones that might be designed "neutral" and tweak the sliders can I still get great bass outta them?

I appreciate any info regarding the M50x and, if they are obsolete any better recommendations. Thanks in advance.


I'm not an M50X fan. The bass is bloated and bleeds into the mids and it has a tiny soundstage.

There's not a closed back option that 'everyone' agrees on like there would be with open back. A few options:

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro especially the 80ohm version. Your onboard should drive them but if they don't get loud enough you might need at least a smallish amp. There are also 32 ohm ( easiest to drive ) and 250ohm ( hardest to drive, needs an amp ) versions but the 80ohm model tends to be the most liked across the review community. Great bass and sub bass.

The Massdrop x Meze 99 Noir. A Massdrop ( Drop, they changed names for some reason ) exclusive this is a Meze 99 Classic with a different finish for $100 less than the original. Excellent build quality and bass is very good.

The Audio Technica WS1100iS. I haven't heard these but reviews are solid.
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Closed back= limited sound stage that is just the nature of the design.
Closed back= Better at limited noise around you and less likely to annoy people around you with the noise you make.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 -
Noise Isolations is pretty good considering the pads.
Feels tight with a big noggin, worse with glasses
Bass- Mediocre and inconsistent and tend to distort with bass heavy sources and higher volumes but it's not highly drastic, lower vocal ranges appear thin,
Treble- Feels Sharp, quality also seems inconsistent.
Mids- Pretty much perfect
Pads- These may be comfy but they do tend to pick up Sweat and get ganky.

Noise isolation is less on these than the 770's
They are more comfortable and pads don't get nasty.
High-bass is overemphasized and Mid's are slightly recessed
Treble- Appear less bright in some areas but overall it's still very good.

Audio Technica WS1100iS
The Headband kinda hurts my head but then again I have a weirdly shaped Egg noggin hidden under a Flattop.
Earpads are very Comfy
Bass- Prominent, Tight, precise with no weird boomy rollover that bleeds everything else out.
Treble- Some areas seem Sharp but overall consistent.
Mids- Great accuracy but like the Treble not as prominent
The Box said SOLID BASS in big Lettering. :LOL:

Honorable Mentions " Haven't tried"
Sennheiser HD 598 Cs
Sennheiser HD 569
V-MODA Crossfade LP2
JVC SZ2000
Beyerdynamic Custom One