Question Best competitive settings for Apex Legends (2080 Ti, i9-9900k, 240hz G-Sync monitor)


Oct 17, 2013
I bought a new PC with RTX 2080ti and i9-9900k. I bought a 240hz, G-Sync monitor to go with it.

The game I play is Apex Legends. I want a setup that maximizes my play performance.

There are a lot of (conflicting) advice out there on the most competitive settings, so I was wondering what is the best setup for my situation.

With a 2080ti, Apex Legends averages about 240fps on low settings but there are times it dip below 240.

I'm new to the system specs thing, so I had a few questions:

  1. Should I enable G-Sync or not? From my research, it tells me that G-Sync does increase input lag a bit.
  2. Should I cap fps at a certain point, like 180-200? The game rarely dips below 180 fps on low settings so if I cap it at 180, I would get a smooth, non-changing frame rate
Any other pointers to help me achieve the best play performance, would be much appreciated!


Constant 240fps in a game like Apex is going to demand a lot from any cpu today. Cpu set's the fps limit, it prepares frames and hands it over to the graphics card. Advice would be to minimise background running apps if any. Disable Cortana and Gamebar or any other background services Win10 has running. Im sure there are guides on the webs explaining what can be disabled, freeing up more cpu power.

Gsync shouldn't add, or if it does, very little input lag. It's designed to minimise input lag and tear when fps is within it's range compared to normal Vsync. Rough guess, between 30~240Hz Gsync operates on your monitor. Can have Vsync enabled/application controlled, it'll only turn on if/when fps exceeds refresh rate, but even then you shouldn't notice Vsync lag as it should be keeping frame rates within Gsync range.