Best config with gtx 260




what is optimal configuraton with'Ge-force Gtx 260'


Oct 31, 2008
I think he wants for us to make a PC from parts for him that we think it will use the most of it and include the GTX260.

I think..:)). Also that means you can not afford expensive parts if you go for a gtx260.
So the best way would be to use an amd platform:


Motherboard: -i chose this one because it is a good board and you can overclock the life out of your CPU with it:).

RAM: -the bestr value at ram is at 1333MHz and these ones have a low latency and the voltage is ok too.

VIDEO: probably you already have the card but i will recommend one anyway(gtx260)

PSU: -this is ok but if you want to switch to 2 cards in the future (the motherboard only suppports crossfire so you will have to buy from ATi, anyway the gtx260 is a dead card) you need :

Case: -this is a good case.

HDD: -a 1 Tb HDD should be ok:).
For DVD you can buy an asus one or any other brand you like( i own asus for a few years now and it never failed).

A good CPu cooler for am3 i do not know so i hope others will recommend:).


Yep. does us no good to recommend parts without knowing what there going to use it for and there budget.

I wouldn't want to recommend two HD 5970 in cf and core i7 980x when there only going to use it for web browsing and only have $1k budget.