Best configuration possible as on April 2009

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Apr 5, 2009
What is the best configuration in the market that can be used to make super ultra pc best suited for everything .... GAMING, MULTI-TASKING.....etc... (Money no Bar !!!). Please dont think of me as freak just wasting your time but I have recently hit a fortune and wana make my dream machine come true to life. I dont wana spend on Alienware or Alikes as I know PC can be made to perform much better them if customized. Kindly suggest.


Sep 21, 2007
i7 rig...

Intel i7 920.
A simple i7 motherboard (EVGA and Asus are my favorite)
6 GB or DDR3 (anything really above 1600 is a waste)
EVGA GTX 295 gpu
Need a good 850-1000watt PSU. Id grab a Corsair TX 850, HX 1000, Enermax Revolution, Antec Signature 850w etc.

Case is personal preference


Nov 30, 2008
Core i7 965 Extreme
water cooled and OC CPU
2 X GTX 295 Water cooled and OC
1300 W corsair or antec
top end I7 board
6gb of DDR 3 1600 + ram, (12gb is slightly slower) and 6 is plenty for now

u could look for a dual socket motherbaord but dont know if they have one for the i7

The Third Level

Feb 21, 2009
Zilog Z80 processor is the absolute best you can may cost a lot but you cannot find anything faster.
For graphics, RIVA TNT from Nvidia is really's the newest and best imo.



Jan 18, 2009

well if money is not a problem then a rig built around the core i7 extreme (overclocked to at least 4.0 ghz) would do everything you want and more

there are very powerful motherboards out there for it (check newegg, i am an amd guy so i am not too familiar with it)

6 gb of ddr3 ram (1333)

two nvidia gtx295 in SLi

a western digital raptor HDD for the OS
and a 1tb harddrive for storage (or multiple solid state drives in RAID but you would be fine either way)

advanced water cooling

a 1000 watts power supply

and a solid full tower case (those you can find easily anywhere)

this is probably the best possible system you could build you could always have more ram or more cards in tri sli but it won't bring any real world improvement over this,a system like this is pretty much impossible to beat and it would rape crysis at max settings (multiple times)


May 14, 2009
If money is not an issue......but you don't want a rip-off machine......believe it or not.....I would go to Dell outlet....unless you really have the time and effort to build your own rig........a 730x system fully loaded cannot be bettered.......just check it out....and surf for any discount vouchers before purchasing your cart....and any money you save just send to


Jan 18, 2009
if money is not an issue then you shouldnt bother building, buy the phobos,made buy bfg systems, that's probably the best computer money can buy and even an experienced computer builder would have a hard time putting those components together,plus when you buy it they come to your house and set it up for free. it comes with customized features and high end i7 processors,the computer has a small lcd screen on it that runs on a separate OS and controls everything within the system,you can oveclock the entire system with one touch on the lcd montior on computer and the machine will overclock itself and check for stabilty.....i am yet to see a machine that can beat all that.


Mar 3, 2009
it's funny how everyone suggests gtx295s in SLi f money was no object, but if I had just won the lottery or had a rich aunt/uncle die and leave me all their money I'd still only go for 2 275s in SLi/tri-SLi and get a better monitor, maybe the nVidia nVision monitors, I'd stick with my P6T deluxe and i7 920. rather than go for a rampage II extreme and a 965


Apr 17, 2009
SKULL TRAIL MOBO FTW With Best Compatible Processor(Xeon Maybe)
2x GTX295 SLI
6 Gigs RAM Highest Speed As Possible
1300 watts Corsair or antec
Personal preferred Case

Skulltrail 5400 socket 771 motherboard uses ECC FBDIMM DDR2 800/677 RAM. And 4GB, 8GB or 16GB make more sense than 6GB.
Two Core2 Extreme QX9775 3.2GHz @ $1500 each isnt all that attractive option in cost vs. performance against other options available now.


Mar 16, 2009


$8000 for an i7 965 rig with two GTX295s? No thanks, I'll build the same system for half that price and just OC it using the bios. Paying that much money to save yourself a few minutes is a waste, imo.

Screw that.

If I was to ever buy a prebuilt, it'd be a Falcon Northwest Mach V.


Jun 16, 2008
Core I7 920 (it doesn`t care how much money you have, I7 965 price is insane)
A Utra-High-End x58 motherboard (Like EVGA E759)
2x 4870x2 2Gb / 2x GTX295 (you decide which one to pick, both are monsters!) + a 3rd VGA for Physics (a good one, like GTX 260)
1000W / 1200W power supply (the biggest you can find), I like ThermalTake
12Gb 2000Mhz Tri-Channel (Kingston, OCZ, Corsair or anyother good brand)
HDD: SSD RAID!! and 2x 2Tb hdd for backup =)
Case: You choose

PD: Could you send me $10 ? If u don`t, I might not eat tomorrow lol


Feb 9, 2009
Dual 3.2ghz Xeons with one of the CF supporting motherboards.
Dual 4890 X2's oc'd to 1.05ghz when they come out
dual 480mm Radiators with four high CFM fans, one to cool the CPU's, the other to cool the gfx cards.
An OCZ 1TB PCIe SSD for storage and 6 OCZ Vertex Extreme 120GB's in RAID 0 as a boot drive.
192GB 1333mhz CL5 ECC ram
Xigmatek 1500w PSU
Silverstone Raven completely kitted out with Fans.

I don't know if you can get much better than that which is available to the general public.
Gee ... I'd be focusing first on the monitors folks (think huge) ... maybe the sound system ... then the peripherals (gaming mouse, headphones etc).

Then the case ... ooh a custom one for sure.

Maybe the PC last.

i7965 running custom water ... separate water for my dual 4870X2's.

Wouldn't bother with a 2 socket system ... too finicky.

6Gb of Corsair ... watercooled of course.

2 X 1KW PSU.

Custom mobo modded with waterblock o nthe SB.

4 X SSD's in RAID5.

4 X 1Tb main storage.

I'd prolly beef up the cooling on the pwr regulators too.

How does this sound?


Jun 18, 2009
well if you want the best of the best, go with their choices... but IMO thats just a waste of money.. intel will come out with new processors every few months and why people would spend $1000 for a i7 965s when you can OC to just about as far with 920 on air..

I7 920 (OC to 4ghz+ (Watercooling with a 920 can go just as far as the 965s and be cheaper n look a tad more badass with your case more than likely)

a MOBO that has NB watercooling capabilities and 3-way SLI capable

6 gb of mushkin 6-7-6-18 1600 mhz DDR3

4 caviar blacks in raid 5

PC P&C silencer 910W PSU

3-way SLI'd gtx 280s

thats more than anything you'd ever use it for and for a far cheaper price than any other build with quite close performance... and should i add that you should buy a 60' TV and rock *** out on a big screen? :p
Why not get a 30" monitor, and have a far higher resolution than any HDTV?

Oh, and agreed on the sound system. I'd gladly drop a couple grand on the sound system (actually, I have dropped a couple grand on my sound system, and it was worth it). Computer speakers just can't hold a candle to a good 2.1 setup that you can piece together with home theater/audiophile components.
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