Best control panel options for SLI?


May 26, 2009
Ok could someone tell me what the best options are if I am running 2 GTX 260s in SLI in the nvidia control panel? There's like some options like force split rendering and alternate rendering or something like that... which ones are the best? :??:
Wikipedia has a site with links at the bottom. I linked you to one that seems to answer your particular question:

I'd look into setting profiles.

Other settings:
1) VSync (use FRAPS. Ideally you want your FPS to match your refresh which is 60FPS/60Hz for flat panel. You do NOT want to be running over this as it's a waste of power)

2) AA - Some older games don't have Anti-Aliasing in the Settings but you can enable it in the profiles rather than Force it manually every time (and forget it's on for everything)

I think it's better to have a 40+ FPS then to increase the quality and have stuttering game play.

Windows Vista/Windows 7:
I'm using ATI, but I know getting VSync working with the official Control Panel has been an issue post-XP for both ATI and NVidia. Workarounds were provided by 3rd party applications you can Google for if it's still an issue. If you are running BELOW the screen refresh VSync is not an option but you likely can run at 60Hz frame rates for many games.