Best Cooler for Overclocked AMD 5000+ Black Edition


Mar 24, 2007
Hello everyone:

I'm looking for help in that topics. Actually I'm using a Zalman 9700 cooler to overclock my 5000+ black edition to 3.3 ghz and this cooler is awesome but the problem is heatsink clamp. The clamp broke in half maybe every 3 month more or less and Zalman send me twice that clamp and yesterday the same problem. So I want to buy another cooler. Any suggestion. Please post any reviews for cooler efficiency for read about it. Thanks for people here in advance.


Sep 17, 2008
i made a little buyer's guide:

the good thing is that we already know a fatty 160mm hsf will fit in your case. the bad news is we're replacing a really good cooler. the top coolers today will only beat that cnps by 2-3C.

i'm using the sunbeam core contact freezer. i had to use pliers to get the clip down (which is a good thing), so the pressure seems adequate. Right now, it's $31 after a $5 rebate from newegg. I bought it for $38 from though, because they also carry ic diamond 7, which is pretty rare and newegg wants to charge $24 to deliver to me. (heatsink guys charged $9.) However, if you can get free delivery from newegg, they carry Shin-Etsu, which is also hard to get.

my second choice would be the silenx ixc-120ha2. it has a similar design, but it can mount 2 fans and has a plastic fan controller (vs the cast metal, pci mounted one that comes with the ccf.) the 2nd fan only gives 1C better temps, but that's because most reviewers mount it in push-pull. pulling is like 1/100 the CFM as pushing. It's about $10 more than the CCF.

If you want to fool around, the Thermalright IFX-14 comes with a backplate heatsink, and can mount 4 fans. Base cost is $100, and no fans or fan controls are included. All thermalright hsf's cost twice as much as similar designs from other places.