[SOLVED] Best cooler under 50$(3500INR) for i5 8400


Nov 30, 2013
Hello i am using stock cooler and its too noisy under load like gaming. My temps are at 80-86C while playing games like Bf1, Apex legends. I tried to do stress test (prime95) and after 2-3min temp sky rocketed almost 100C so i just stopped the stress. I never monitored temps before i am monitoring my temps since 2 months using Hwmonitor. A month ago temps were 60-70C under load because of winters but now summer is coming and it will be more hot.

I cleaned my stock cooler with some air pressure and my case is Corsair carbide spec 3 which comes with 3 pre installed case fans 2 front 1 rear.

I have air conditioner but not using it right now coz there is no need right now but soon it will be running when ever i will be using my pc so i dont know if it will make any difference to cpu temp.

Thank you