Question Best Cooling for Silverstone FT02 and 9900k - H150i?

Mar 3, 2019
I have a FT02 case and really like it, and prefer not to replace it as it's in perfect condition. I upgraded the components inside with a new Aorus Master Z390 board, 9900k, and PSU. I had a Corsair H80vi2. Unfortunately I was seeing some weirdness with the H80iv2 and saw stock peak temps go from 85-100C, and couldn't figure out why. Any overclocking would easily jump to 100c. I was able to return the components and reordered, but I'm thinking I need better cooling.

I'm looking at the H150i, but not sure it would work. I measured the radiator and fan, and it looks like it will fit on the bottom, right above the 3 intake fans. So it'd be from bottom up, Intake fan, radiator, radiator fan which is also how airflow would work. But I have a couple of concerns:

  1. Has anyone tried this before, whether with the 150i or the 100i/115i?
  2. I don't know where it would physically screw in. Is the radiator enough weight to put resting on the intake fans without mounting screws?
  3. The warm air from the radiator would pass through the entire case/mobo/cpu/gpu/psu, etc....before being pushed out. How big of an issue is this?
  4. Should I just go with the Noctua D15 or BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro4 instead and not deal with the hassle?