Best CPU Cooler for the new i7 4790k


Apr 21, 2014
So I was wondering what would be the best cpu cooler for the i7 4790k with overclocking. So a really good cooler. Which will keep the cpu below 80 degrees when you get lucky with the overclock.
Custom loops now come with the expandable AIO from Swiftech (H220-X) ..... start if the the H220-X as an AIO, tha add GFX card water blocks, MoBo Blocks, radiators whatever.....only $140.
1. Phanteks PH-TC14-PE
2. Thermalright Silver Arrow
3. Noctua DH-14


If you must have an AIO, I'd recommend the Corsair H110 which pretty much matched the Noctua DH-14 for performance.


1. The Hero is plagued with the Asus BIOS Clock Freeze Bug. Read the thread for the Z87 and red the newegg reviews for the Z97 (2nd page). Reviews tab

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6/17/2014 7:07:17 AM
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1 out of 5 eggsfrozen real time clock

Pros: board looks great.

Cons: my board exhibits the real time frozen clock issue that appears to be the same as the the problem reported in the asus forums with regards to the z87 boards. contacted asus who said they had a fix. appears not to be permanent according to the forums. still appears to be an issue at least on this z97 board i received. Am returning board for a refund.

The MSI Z97 GD65 is a feature for feature match for the Hero .... is $40 cheaper, has excellent MIL Spec components and ..... no BIOS issues.

2. I'm not seeing the love for the Noc :) .....The Noc is 50% more than the Phanteks and the aesthetics kinda borks any color scheme..... it's certainly a good performer, but to pay that much more, I don't see any return.

3. Wow nice price on the 2400 RAM.

EDIT: Just noticed it's CAS 11 ...(4.58 ns) .... CAS 10 runs about $20 more.

4. The Black comes in 20th place in THGs Hard Drive charts ... I'd consider something higher ranked. I use the SSHDs 1st place ranking),2915.html

5. The Seasonic is a great PSU, I have one .... and it's one of the only PSU's to ever get 10.0 Performance rating and 10.0 Build Quality Rating. But it's waaaay to big for two 770's which need a 750 watter.

6. The HAF was on my top 5 at one point but it slipped off about 3 years ago as it just got a bit long in the tooth and doesn't have the feature set most modern cases do. I'd look at the Phanteks which, while $80 cheaper, has many features and more cooling options than the HAF.

7. The Asus Burners are significantly cheaper and great performers.


Thanks. I already have the psu and one 770 i was thinking about 2 780ti's tho. The black is just a backup to the samsung ssd (did you miss that?) I like PG278q ROG SWIFT (what do you think of this monitor) thank for the mobo sugesstion I was going back and forth between msi and asus anyway. AM I ON RITE TRACK. Its only my second build. I am coming from an AMD 940 black.


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May go with Phanteks instead of Noctua.(Can I take the heat spreader off the dominator platinum(CAS 10) thanks for the tip.

do you really find it necessary for the sshd(hybrid) when the black is just mass storage considering I have the Samsung ssd. if so, I will add that also

is the phantek case as big as the haf x for massive air coolers?

by the way the asus burner was only $10 cheaper . would you still consider using it or go with the lite -on?


Two 780 Tis work on an 850 watter

The Black usually costs more than the SSHD are in same price range so since its both faster and cheaper ....

The Swift looks great .... if it ever comes out....was announced over a year ago.

The Dominator and Trident 2400 are both 10-12-12-31 timings ..... Mushkin at same price gives you Hynix modules and slightly faster 10-12-12-28 timings

The Phanteks case fits the Phanteks cooler....and looks damn nice if ya get the black or white cooler models.

Enthoo Pro is 0.9" wider than the HAF
Like everyone else, the make the low profile (40mm) for normal builds and the tall heat sinks for those that want it to "look cool" .... which is actually the only "cooling function" the tall heat sinks provide. :)

The short one are very hard to find tho..... newegg sells out in hours usually after they get a new load.

You can raise the ran to clear if it gets tight or just move to other side.



thanks I may go with the phanteks with 3 fans. I no 850 watts is good but I already have a seasoinic ss-1250xm that I got so cheap brand new I could not refuse it($200). I like the memory I will see about lo-profile version. I may stay with the haf x but I am researching the enthoo. standard hdd will be good enough. a hybrid will be useless since I wont access the ssd portion of the drive enough for it to learn access habits(may as well get a good Seagate constellation E.3 or barracuda. YOU WERE A GREAT HELP. this build is alot of research for me. I am not going to spend $4,000 unless I am happy with it. Thank you...I appreciate your time and input..


Jun 6, 2012
Well, the best CPU cooler is a custom water cooler if you pretend overclocking up to 4.9-5.0 GHz. Let's recall that the mobo and memory also play an important role as well as in minor degree your case. In my particular case I have overclocked my i7-4790k @ 4.85 GHz stable (according to Prime95) by using the Corsair H105, ASUS z97 Pro, 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866 MHz CL9, Corsair Obsidian 450D case and EVGA G2 850w, 70.8A, Full Modular 80 Plus Gold PSU (yes! PSU is also important). Some details: Core volt.=1.35v, Dram volt.=1.51v, BCLK=101.2, multiplier=47x, RAM freq.=1937MHz, Idle temp.=40C, Full Load temp.=85-90C(rarely). Hope this helps.