[SOLVED] Best CPU for Auto CAD and Adobe suite

Oct 5, 2018
Hey everyone!

I’ve been into gaming PCs for awhile now, and my mom (who’s renewing her architecture degree) was talking to me about designing a PC for for CAD programs (Revvit, autoCAD, sketchup, etc.)

I know very little about PC’s other than gaming hardware, so I had a few questions.

What CPU should I chose for her? She has a very high budget, so price doesn’t really matter. I was thinking a Ryzen TR or Ryzen 7, but are these programs optimized for Ryzen?

She was also thinking of running MacOS on it (so it’ll likely be a Hackintosh), are there any hardware restrictions in regards to that?

Thank you!
thats cool... but a bit of edditing and autocad takes not alot of power.

Hmm... the problem with the mac is limitations, and the few sources that are available are really expensive.
also its overpriced but and has got a poor customer support , but thats my opinion.

I would see it like a car, buy every 2 years a new car or invest a bit more and ride 5-7 years comfortable .