Question Best custom image settings for HP 27fw monitor

Oct 10, 2019
I've just bought a new HP 27fw 1080p HP monitor(link bellow) and want to try some good custom image settings for it, tried the default ones but none really looked impressive even calibrated it but the colors looked washed out. Maybe owners of 27er/27es can help, not much of a difference between them except the stand and that one is matte and one glossy.
My settings are:
  • Brightness 60
  • Contrast 70
  • RGB Gain 255 255 255
  • Black Levels 128 128 128
  • Sharpness level 3(still too sharp, looks something like ASUS Vivid Pixels setting but lower settings look way to blurry, only thing that makes the image crisp is putting the windows scale setting to 125% instead of 100% but everything is too big, tried custom scaling(115%) but some tiles/icons get messed up)
  • Response time level 3
  • Dynamic contrast Off
  • Video Level - Full Range(0 -255) - set in Nvidia control panel too
I mostly use it for internet browsing and casual gaming, want the colors to look vivid but not too bright, can't seem to figure a middle ground at the moment, the color is either too bright or too muted and neutral + lowered brightness seems reasonable at the moment but I wonder if I could do better. I know that for a 27inch monitor 1080p looks worse than on smaller ones but i want to get the colors to look a bit better and lower the sharpness somehow.


Thank you