Best DDR2 1066 Stock Timings for overclocking


Feb 11, 2009
I am getting ready to purchase a new setup via income tax return

AMD 7750 X2 black edition 2.7ghz
MSI 790GX mobo
530watt antec power supply
Asus 21.5" GTG 1080p monitor
DDR2 1066 ram, Gskill brand

What stock timings are the easiest to overclocking. This will be the first system i will be able to overclock, i am a computer repair tech and an enthusiest so i have a good understanding just not exactly sure about memory timings

Here are the ddr2 1066 timing options from gskill
6-6-6-18 with CAS of 6 @ 2.0V
5-5-5-15 with CAS of 5 @ 2.1V
5-6-6-18 with CAS of 5 @ 2.0V

which of this is going to be the easiest to overclock and any idea what kinda speeds i can expect?



I don't really understand what your question is. All of those memory settings you mention are already overclocked, as indicated by the higher-than-standard voltage (DDR2 standard is 1.8-1.9V).