News Best Deals on Tech and PC Hardware 2020: CPUs, SSDs, PCs and More

Apr 1, 2020
The only good deals I've seen are:

Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB for $300, though B&H Photo has the better deal as they give tax back on their store card, which can be higher than the 5% Amazon gives on theirs.

Samsung 870 QVO 4TB at Amazon has a 25% cash back total offer, bringing it down to $337.50, or $84/TB.

WD Red Plus 10TB NAS HDD for $189 at Newegg.

Nintendo, XBOX, and Playstation cash cards 25% cash back total at Amazon today.

Otherwise it's all pretty mediocre so far.


I don't know why you guys are so down on this stuff. These are some pretty decent deals for people who would enjoy several-dollar discounts on obsolete clearance items, paying half off an "original price" that is double msrp, paying a subscription fee to use physical spyware built by a company that explicitly pays people to review private recordings taken from always-on microphones and cameras... And don't even get me started on that awesome Razer stereo headset that is physically incapable of playing 7.1 sound.

My point is the $120 SSD I was going to buy regardless is $4 cheaper today than it was 2 weeks ago, and $7 cheaper than it was 2 months ago. So this is the first time ever I've bought anything on Prime day. I'm very thrilled to be getting a "64% off original price" prime day exclusive deal ™
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Dec 20, 2016
A couple of good deals like the Logitech keyboard and the Samsung 970 evo plus but other than that it looks like regular discounts. Black Friday scam strikes again.
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Sep 14, 2010
While they aren't on this list, I have seen some pretty good deals this weekend. HP's Omen 27i monitor is down from 420 to 380, MicroCenter has the i7-9700k for $200, and bestbuy had the wired razer viper for $40. The G512 on this list is a good deal, but there's also a ton of other discounted keyboards. has pretty much their entire site at 10-20% off, and Amazon has the halfway decent RK61 wireless mechanical keyboard for just $35.
Mar 13, 2020
Yup! This is Scam friday/Monday. I paid 90 for a 6TB WD elements external HD last year, now the cheapest I've seen is $100 and it is currently $110. This sort of thing is supposed to reduce in price over time...

I find it hard to believe the stores are in the black this year right now due to Covid woes. But they are all trying their hardest to fake it by listing their old prices at product launch and claiming a big deal. RYZEN 3700x is 11% off the original price of $329 ? That is absurd at this point in it's life cycle. It's like everywhere morphed into the clothing store Kohls where they perpetually have their items marked up $50 and then slashed to give the impression of a sale. The stores are trying to milk it and keep the tradition alive but it's all a bunch of BS.
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