Mar 18, 2012
I'm going to be purchasing a Synology DS212 NAS in the next few months. I thought I had all the details worked out, I was going to by 2 Western Digital 2tb green drives and set up a RAID 1...then I read on a number of forums that green drives should not be used for RAID.

So I started from scratch, and scoured the internet/forums for the best drive suggestions. Hitachi or Western Digital Black seems to be the favorites. For the Hitachi, the bad reviews are off-putting ( and for the WD Black the $200+ price point and noise complaints are a turn off.

I don't care too much about performance. I just want to stream video files of varying video quality (DVD to Bluray all under 4gb a piece) from my NAS to my Apple TV 2 without any hiccups and be able to duplicate my files automatically.

What are everyone's opinions on what I should get?

The greens are fine and use less power hence the green. Since you are connected to the NAS via network the drives speed is just not that big a deal. These drives are on the inside of every external drive I have ever opened so there should be no issue running them in a nas.. Other drives will be faster but since you don't have a direct connection that does not matter.