Aug 18, 2020
Hello guys, i need a little help from you. I had a problem with like every mousepad ive ever had. It gets scratched on place where are you moving with mouse most frequently. I will attach a photo of what i mean.


(in reality its little bit more visible actually)

So there in the circle is where im moving my mouse most frequently. I dont really know how to explain it but now after a year of owning this mousepad it feels a lot of harder to move mouse here than on other side of mousepad, on touch it feels like its sticky or something like that and if u move to another angle u can literally see how shinier it is on place where u are moving with your mouse and in that place is where the mouse feel harder to move with, im 100% sure that nothing was spilled here because when im eating im eating on other side of mousepad. So if u know about any mousepad that doesnt do this or some more durable mouse pad wich doesnt do this after year let me know. Or if there is any other fix to this. Ive had this problem on other mousepad before with other mouse so mouse isnt problem(i already changed the mouse feets btw)

Thank you for any help