Best eye candy?


Aug 5, 2003
what game do you think will utlise the top graphics cards best and have he best eye candy and features. Doom 3, Halflife 2 or stalker. Which would you buy off the shelf if ya only had enough cash for 1.

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Dec 30, 2001
Probably Doom III dude but I can't say for sure, HL2 looks REALLY REALLY good. I have a feeling there will be a little more variety in HL2's level design & gameplay then there will be in Doom3. ID software titles usually don't have alot of variety in levels (especially in Quake & Quake II)but they are getting better at this. Remember how much better Half-Life was then Quake II, inspite of its inferior engine? One would almost say HL has a better engine on first inspection, but it really doesn't. Valve was just more creative with their use of the engine. That's why I say gameplay holds more value than the graphics capabilities of an engine. I would personally rather own Half-Life than Quake 3.

Oh BTW, don't take to much offense to my post in your thread in the CPU forum, ok?

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