Question best fan arrangement fo ntxt h700


Jul 14, 2017
Hello since i got rtx 3080 i cant stop thinking about my case airflow.

So. My case is NZXT H700. With stock case fans are 3x NZXT AER F, 120mm as INTAKE in front
and 1x NZXT AER F, 140mm rear + Noctua NF-A14 PWM on top back.

So i have been thinking about put 2x Noctua NF-A14 PWM in Front and 1 NZXT AER F, 120mm on top, rear stay at same spot.

The noctua fans have higher Static Pressure so i gues it would work better ?
Noctua Static Pressure 2,08 mm H2O
NZXT AER F, 120mm 0.13~1.24mm-H2O

i mean CFM of ntxt fans in front are like 180 in front together. and if i put noctua fans instead of them the cfm will be around 160

alsot cpu cooler is Noctua NH-D15
What is your opinion guys ?
Thank you
I've been of the opinion that you want to achieve positive air pressure for your case. That means have more fresh air coming in that can escape. Doing that will reduce the dust build up inside the case and the warm air can still escape from any opening. Therefore I would leave the fan setup as stock and see what your temps are like before making any changes.
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