Best fan config for Rosewill Challenger


Nov 11, 2012
:hello: Im probably going to buy the Rosewill Challenger case while it is on sale for 40$. This gives me some extra dough for cooling since i plan to do some moderate overclocking on the 89xx series. I hope that these cards stay cool like this generation but they are coming out ahead of schedule so im afraid they will run hot to stay competitive. What is one of the best fan configs for this case. I know nothing about this kind of thing since ive never built a pc but i was thinking having a 120mm cougar turbo-hydro at the left side blowing air on mobo and components and maybe getting a more powerful fan for top exhaust. How hard is it to mod where i can have a 230mm exhaust on top and maybe bigger intakes. Or is this really even help that much. Im getting a Coolermaster V8 (any comments on that are welcome) so the cpu doesn't need that much cooling mostly just gpu. Im kinda scared of waterblocking my gpu but if you think thats the best route ill take it. :ange:
It already comes with top, front and rear fans. I would add an intake to the side too. Try it with the stock fans first and see how that goes. If it isn't running cool enough, just put in some higher speed fans in those locations. A 230mm probably won't fit in the top because of its size, but the 120mm should do fine. A fan controller is a great addition as you can raise/lower fan speed to get acceptable cooling and noise. I think the next gen of cards will be more efficient than the last and be as hot or even cooler than this gen of cards. Watercooling isn't really necessary unless you are doing some serious overclocking.

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