Question Best fan setup for Air cooling 9900K with Phanteks p600s

Oct 22, 2018
Hey guys, I have a question regarding the best fan setup for the Phanteks P600S.

I built my first pc and I loved it. Main Parts:
Case: Phanteks P600S (has removable front panel to increase airflow)
Cooler: Dark Rock Pro 4
CPU: 9900K
GPU: RTX 2070

The case comes with 3 140mm Phanteks fans that are marketed for High static Pressure which makes sense with the front panel closed but i plan to run it without the front panel So I would prefer high airflow fans instead.

I played around with some overclocking which I enjoyed but I quickly came to the conclusion that it might not be a great idea since I use my pc for rendering every now and then so I want it to be as stable as possible.
I also wasn't really impressed by the performance gain (got it to 5Ghz on all cores but the increase in performance isn't worth the higher temps and vCore for me).
So instead I looked into undervolting since the default bios settings got the vCore over 1.3 V during Prime 95 (small FFT s). So now I got it down to 1.28V and tempos are a bit better.

The Core temperatures stay just under 90 C and a max vCore of 1.284 V with the front panel removed during Prime 95 (small FFT s).
The Core temperatures stay just under 75 C and a max vCore of 1.224 V with the front panel removed during and actual render in Keyshot 7.

I am currently thinking about adding 3 140mm noctua fans to the front but since I'm very inexperienced when it comes to this I'd love some advice.
Would it for instance be a good idea to move the current Phanteks fans to the top as exhausts or would this just mess with the airflow path?

thanks in advance!