Question Best fans for doing a "Push/Pull" Config on Kraken x62?

May 20, 2019
So I am building my very first PC ever.

I have an NZXT h500i case, an Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti, and an NZXT Kraken x62 AIO.
I've been doing a crap load of research trying to find the best configurations for the fans. A friend was also recommending that I try adding a couple extra fans onto the Kraken x62 in order to make a "Push/Pull" configuration at the front of the case.
According to every video and post I have looked at, having the x62 on the front of the case is the best location for best cooling/air flow.

It also seems that the best fans for this possible configuration would be Static Pressure fans.

So I guess I have a few questions.
Would it be more beneficial add a couple extra fans onto the x62 to make it a Push/Pull?

If yes, what would be the best fans to use for that? I'm looking for best performance, not fancy lights. But if I can have both that'd be fine too haha.

My third question, with that size of a case, and that size of a GPU, will adding the fans to the Kraken even going to fit in the first place?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


What would be the best fans for doing a "Push/Pull" Config on Kraken x62?


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Static pressure is good for the push fans, certainly, pull fans don't require that as much, but does not hurt either. Ideally, you would have the same fans on either side of the radiator or find fans that compliment each other so that there isn't a struggle to fight the flow of either. Regardless of the route you go, you shouldn't need to overthink it.

My third question, with that size of a case, and that size of a GPU, will adding the fans to the Kraken even going to fit in the first place?
That is a good question and one I cannot answer myself, but some Google searching might provide information. You can also find slim fans for the pull side of the radiator if 25mm thick standard fans are too wide...most slim fans are around 12-13mm thick. I used a couple Kaze fans ( ) when I had my last mITX build...I barely had enough room for them between the radiator and case.


May 26, 2014
The best fans for a Kraken X62 would be the Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 . They are pricey but push a lot of air as they can spin up to 3000RPM, or about twice as fast as normal fans you'd find on this cooler. If I were you I'd buy two of these to add onto the fans already on the Kraken X62, but remember, you're going to have a minimal performance increase from a push pull setup with a significant noise level increase. As for your question regarding a case, try to go for as small as you can go for your cooling requirements. As far as finding a case to fit your GPU, go with the largest cooler you can find that will fit into the case you choose. If you can say what general size of case you want I'd be able to provide more specific recommendations.
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