Question Best fans in the world + which easy water loop for a first timer....

Dec 28, 2019
Hi guys.

I'm new to building, and have spent the last 2-3 weeks intensively reading, watching, discusssing and learning the art of putting together a rig from the bottom up.

I've come to the "fan part" now, and would like to hear your guys opinion on the following:

  1. Which are the best case fans available today, taking solely cooling ability (best airflow) into consideration?
  2. Which case fans are the best if we throw sound/noise into the equasion as well - best airflow with the lowest possible noise?
  3. Same as question 1. but for radiator fans.
  4. Same as question 2., but again for radiator fans.
Also i'm looking to learn more about the world of custom water cooling/loops - wondering about:

  1. Where is a good place to start learning/reading?
  2. Which brands are reputable in the world of cwc - i have no idea what to look for and what to avoid?
  3. Is there a good starter kit out there, where you get a whole package including pump, rad, blocks, pipes ect. - and if so which one/ones are sutable for a noob like me?
Hoping for some guidance from you guys, thanks a lot in advance :)


Mar 27, 2019
Best overall fans would likely be Noctua NF A12x25. You can use those for case and radiator fans. There will be an all black version coming but for now they are brown. Not everyones favourite.
I opted for Noiseblocker Eloops 120 in my Itx rig, because they are extremly quiet and have a solid static pressure on my radiators.And they look fantastic.

If you really want to start with custom watercooling on your first rig I would not try to take the "easy" route via a kit. There is no easy way to do it and you will learn a loz more if you research your parts for yourself. Be aware that custom watercooling is an expensive endevour with a lot of planning involved. If you are planning on building a loop for a gpu and cpu you can calculate with 600-800 $ cost just for the wc parts.

Reputable brands are: Ekwb, Barrow, Bitspower, Xspc to name a few.