Best FPS Gaming Mouse?


Jun 29, 2011
I am looking for a new gaming mouse, mostly for FPS - Mainly Battlefield 3.

I've came across three Razer products that look pretty awesome:

Razer DeathAdder
Razer Imperator
Razer Taipan

The DeathAdder is only 3500dpi but about $30 cheaper. The Imperator has 6400 dpi but is $79.99 and the Taipan is the same price with 8200dpi. Is it really worth it spending that much extra?

If there are any other suggestions, please let me know!

thanks c:



Dec 17, 2012
What is your budget, this is very important to carefully consider, you want to make sure you are getting the best value for money.

I currently have the Razer Taipan and it is the best mouse I have owned, I have had several over the last two years and I have to say that the build quality of the Tiapan is truly spectacular, it also suits my grip style (i use claw grip) perfectly. I have also had the Logitech G700 (had issues with the mouse shape in relation to my grip style, the mouse kind of forces you into a palm grip style, also the software was not quite up to scratch and the tracking could have been smoother) the Razer Mamba (served me very well and I would highly recommend this mouse the only possible drawback that I can think off is price) the Razer Lachesis (I bought this mouse mainly for the shape, which suited my grip style, it has all the features you would need in an fps fps game)

Software wise the Razer software suite Synapse 2.0 is also a great piece of software that allows you to really customize your mouse, most of the Razer mice supports synapse and the ones that dont have their own software which also serves the same function.

I firmly believe that the correct mouse for your grip style hand size etc. makes a huge differenced in your gaming performance, I would suggest taking as much time to research things like grip etc. etc. so that when it comes time to make that final purchasing decision you have all the facts and can make the best informed decision.

DPI comes down to personal preference, but most forums would suggest that for FPS games a DPI setting between 2600 and 3200 is ideal, personally I play on 2800 DPI on 1920x1080 resolution and have never felt the need to go beyond that, it really becomes difficult to keep tracking pinpoint smooth over 4000 DPI. Most pro gamers play around the 2600 DPI mark as well.

Here are some useful pages on mouse grip styles acceleration etc.


Jan 20, 2013
the best mouse for FPS, and especially battlefield would be the R.A.T 7 Infection.
this is the snipers choice in particular. why?
with one button you can decrease sensitivity to whatever you set that to, for that long ranged headshot. the adjustability of this mouse is also a beauty. if you can live with the build quality (it does feel a bit plastic) this is a beast in fps games. i do not own it myself, but tried it at a friends house, and i´m buying this creature myself. its expensive, but in my opinion, worth it. the mouse is pretty much the gameplay, so unless your on a tight budget, this would be your pick