Question Best Freeview PVR to replace EE TV (UK), or alternatives

James Blonde

Mar 19, 2014
EE TV are about to discontinue support for their freeview TV box in the UK. Ironically, for a "free" PVR box, this has been an excellent service - the box is easy to use, supports apps, other media services, HD, huge hard drive, multiple recording, etc.

I bought a Manhattan T3-R freeview recorder at Christmas, but have been underwhelmed. The fact that the rest of my media setup seems to be failing, and I've had aerial / reception problems hasn't helped. However I think the fact this box doesn't provide an app for Plex, or other media services, has been the biggest disappointment / missing function.

I might also be in the market for a new TV, as mines is now too old for Plex to provide support (I use Plex media server extensively, but not for live TV / catch up).

So I guess, anyone got any PVR box (or alternative) recommendations? Or can I do all of this through Plex somehow? (I did notice they provided some live channel support last time I looked, but not looked into this extensively) Or is it as simple as plugging a hard drive into the TV and use that as a multi-channel PVR??