Question Best gaming headset for 50 euros?


May 13, 2016
Hello, yesterday i received a new logitech g430 headset that i ordered from amazon, and now less than 24 hours later, it's already faulty: the right channel is louder than the left one, and there is no setting tweaking to fix it, the actual headset is malfunctioning after not even a whole day (it worked correctly for about 10 hours of completely normal use, no phiysical damage). I've googled around a bit and read all the amazon reviews on this headset, and long story short it's hot garbage. The 7.1 surround is neat, but can i still play games without hearing at which angle my enemy farted 17km away? Yes, definitely. I will refund this 50€ hunk of crap, and i would appriciate if you could point me towards a quality headset for the same price. For the past 5 years i have been using some Razer electra headphones and they are absolutely stellar, they have gone through hell and back and they are still working perfectly like the day i took them out of the box, so my expectations are pretty high from a 50€ headset. It would be nice to have a headset with a decent microphone but i am willing to sacrifice that for better audio quality. What do you guys think?
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Agree the G430 is not very durable, most folks I know have them around 1 year then they break at the hinge (plastic becomes brittle), I think you need a more durable solution...

Consider a DIY solution, an entry level studio headphone is going to sound much better than any budget headset, and a clip mic will more than match any headset mic.

Personally I am using a Samson SR850 which is a semi-open back (much better soundstage, gives virtual surround in games and movies much more depth and realism) along with a clip mic similar to this one. If your environment does not like open back, no problem just get a closed back set of cans like the AGK 52 for some isolation.

For headphone / virtual surround, so many options:

  • win10 "sonic" spatial sound
  • realtek sometimes has "virtual surround" check box when you have 2-channel output selected
  • 3rd party software like "Razer Surround"
  • sound card with virtual surround (e.g. Sound Blaster / SBX surround)
  • some games have a virtual surround driver built-in (e.g. "headphone" option in audio settings)
Will work no problem with any stereo headphone. That's pretty much all surround headsets are, stereo headphones + boom mic with a USB sound card attached that has a virtual surround option.