Best Gaming Laptop Around $1000-1300 Canadian


Nov 14, 2015
Hello, I am looking for a gaming laptops for around 1000 to 1250ish dollars I currently have a Desktop and have no decided to get a laptop because I will be needing it has I go further into high school than later university, now I also want it for gaming such as bf4, skyrim and maybe some future games at medium or low setting such as battlefield 1 (recently announced), no man's sky and those and need it to last me for 3 to 5 years now my dad is pretty stubborn and doesnt like expensive things so anythi g around 1000 is great along with a good GPU and processor, and I do live in Canada so currency may be diffrent depending where you are luvung but any help would be greatly apreciated.
On a side question is pascal going to be realsed for laptops because if so I can wait but not more than June 25th.
Thank you


I can't recommend a laptop for you at the moment, but I can answer a few of your questions:

A laptop lasting 5 years for only $1000 is not going to happen unless you really dial the settings down after 3 years.

With zero info on Pascal for mobile, I doubt we'll see any Pascal mobile GPUs until the winter.


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