Discussion Best Gaming Laptop (Built) & Cyber Monday Deals?


Jun 14, 2013
So I know Tom's Hardware posted out some articles about the best Cyber Monday deals, but I'd like to get people's opinions on what the best laptop to get is. I'd like to game on it (I like Skyrim, but I don't know if any gaming laptop can handle that, but I play it on my gaming PC), and I also want to use it for my online class that I'm in. Is Alienware worth the price? What are some people's experiences with gaming laptops and how they like them. Price isn't really a factor, but I also don't want to pay a bunch for something that the pros don't outweigh the cons. Just looking for people's opinions really, and looking at getting some Cyber Monday online savings :)

Thanks in advanced!


Alienware is not worth it, dell bought them out a while ago so your just paying for the overpriced name and standard dell parts inside.

Im still rocking out on a MSI gt60 that i bought in 2013, sadly got it right before they came out with their slim line. I had been looking to replace it for the past year or so but could never justify the price of a new gaming laptop as the one i have still works. Only issue is the battery needed replaced but hey after 7 years it had a good run.

One that has peaked my interest is the Lenovo legion i7 give this a watch youtube
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