Rocwen Colondo

Jun 2, 2013
Hello guys , I'm looking for a gaming laptop under $1000 , now It would have to be from a website with global shipping(like amazon or newegg) so bestbuy or walmart are no good for me ..
the best two laptops I found and they are surprisingly cheap for what they are packing are these :

now the acer nitro seems like the obvious go to between them , but is there something I'm missing , like maybe will the i5 9300h , bottleneck the rtx 2060 so it would be better to go with the 1660 ti and 4600h asus?
obviously for the asus I would upgrade the ram to 16gb
and in general is the acer nitro a good brand ? ( I read quite few reviews regarding the asus tuf most people seemed please of it , but what about the acer nitro , is it as good of a brand)
and lastly , I would really appreciate , if someone knows even of a better deal than these two laptops , but I scavenge the internet and couldn't find better ones with global shipping :) .

Thanks in advance .
Hey there,

I'd prob go for the Asus. It has a better/efficient CPU and the 1660ti is no slouch. If the 2060 in the Acer is the Max Q version then the 1660ti mobile is actually a little faster. That would sway me to the Asus.