Best gaming monitor

Tbh. even for quality gaming, I don't see much use in "non-ghosting" and superb latency. All that matters is input lag, and that's that. For the rest, I prefer AH-iPS, PLS, or AMVA+ displays, thanks to superior color accuracy, better and deep blacks and many more.

But when You're some "pro" gamer, and want all of those geeky thingies that a gaming monitor should have and You don't mind getting Your eyes shot by lower quality tech, it's a clear weapon of choice.


May 13, 2013

Lower quality tech?
TheMentalist - twisted nematic is straining Your eyes, since the accomodation isn't eased by the harmonic colors. Those "shades" created by TN panel aren't helping our sight in any good way, trust me.

From my personal experience, PLS [plane to line switching] is superior technology for lcd matrix, which is straining ones eyes the least. For example, AMOLED, or SuperAMOLED, or whichever mutation of AMOLED displays do have superior colors and blacks and angles, but strain eyes even more than twisted nematic, because of their inoptimal contrast ratio and nominal contrast whatsoever.

Cool specifications, nice casing and good backlighting aren't the key to healthier eyes what about LCDs. Harmonic colors and good environment is.

TN will always strain Your eyes more than in plane switching, even in version one. Twisted nematic are super-fast and super-responsive, but the technology of liquid crystals jailed in tn pattern is producing poor viewing angles and a lot of "glow". Of course, there are sub-techs of TN, which do improve even TN performance, but it's never the same, as advanced high-performance ips for example [ah-iPS].