Best gpu cards on 1366x768


I'd get a GTX 560, it's got the same core as the 460 but on a newer, more efficient die, and therefore clocks better. It's also newer tech (most obviously) and so it will be easier to find another one if you want to SLI down the road.
Depending on your budget I would reccomend getting a 6950 or GTX560ti.You should be able to max out almost everything at the resolution with those cards with the exception of Metro2033.Your Dual core will be a limiting factor even more so because at smaller resolution's the graphics depend more on the processor than the GPU.


Jul 8, 2011

I'd go for a GTX 560 as well.
without knowing the budget

my first instinct is GTX 460

this one is nice if you win the "rebate game"

but this one is the one I would really pick

all depends on future plans on monitor upgrades
because if you plan on upgrading resolution
then a GTX 560Ti or HD 6870 or HD 6950 might be called for

but the 1gb 460 can run almost any game at 1920x1080 with high settings
right now

a 560Ti or HD 6950 would cost more but in a year or two could save you from having
to upgrade

and if money is tight then a HD 5770/6770 is a good budget card for that res
AMD 460 Is perfect, most times get to 750-800 MHZ overclock
and its cheaper than the 560.
I have a 5770 I have not seen a drop below 32 fps in crysis2 dx11 and highres pack (yet)
so its just barely there.
If you like Amd, Its hard to recommend the 6850 over the 6870. but if you want to save some money a 720P then any of the cards I listed will be perfect.
While we are talking 460s
what do you guys think of the 2Win Dual 460 cards?
the idea of SLI on one card has always seem cool to me
since they did the 3870X2 I have always wanted one
but never been able to afford one
Is the 2Win GTX 460 worth the money? (300 or so)
Sorry to hijack OP
thanks Purple stank
I looked at Newegg
I think I saw price after rebate
Image a (2) 2Wins SLI together?
Oh well a boy can dream cant he?

The 460 is being phased out and they will sell out soon
so their are some nice deals on the card but the
560 would be a good option if you are thinking of SLI
since you could get another one easier later on
as somebody else mentioned